HSEtracker is used by multiple industries needing a simplified compliance infrastructure.

Tracker System

Oil & Gas

Reduce non-compliance risks in one of the most dangerous and legislated working environments by perfectly managing the capabilities and certifications of your workers and subcontractors workforce


Ensure & Manage OHS compliance of your internal or external workforce by project & specialization. Gain full control and access real-time information to make decisions


Protect your mining workers with a powerful platform to manage OHS compliance for anyone arriving at your site and drastically reduce time wasted in manual management


Engineers can be 100% sure that all workers are compliant, regardless of project or customer requirements; thus increasing work safety.

Industrial Subcontractors

Replace wasted time managing excel files with real-time information sharing with customers when it comes to managing and achieving 100% compliance for your workers and partners.


Eliminate difficulties in compliance management for workers and subcontractors and instead use a tool that offers 100% compliance with complete automation and visibility.

A team WITHOUT HSEtracker

Is reactive, slow, and prone to human errors

Manually tracks certificates, requirements & future expirations

Shares static information over outdated emails

Uses extensive spreadsheets and takes time to inform who is compliant and who is missing key certificates

Does not know its current level of compliance exposing the company to risks, penalties and fees.

Is either under or over trained and creates difficulties for training programs and budgets

Cannot be relied upon to provide real-time actionable insights

A team WITH HSEtracker

Achieves 100% compliance with less then 20% of the effort!

A Compliance team without HSEtracker

A Compliance team WITH

Achieves 100% compliance with less then 20% of the effort!