Powerful compliance management tool for everyone in the organization.

We have you covered when it comes to corporate, legislative and client level compliance by eliminating manual or semi automated processes.

Manage unlimited users on the cloud and start viewing critical data intelligently to reduce inefficiencies and mistakes in the field.

  • Create your company structure inside the HSEtracker platform
  • Create custom communication flows between workers, supervisors, admin, directors, and others
  • Set custom requirements by site, groups of workers and link to sub-contractors.
  • Build your worker's profiles by entering key items such as safety tickets, training certificates, Insurance etc.
  • Set up documents that can be easily verified in real time by scanning their QR code and viewing their Safety Passport.
  • Manage competencies and assigned assets to specific workers.
  • Set up alerts for upcoming expiries
  • Receive important reminders for project requirements
  • Segment users using custom filters and schedule notifications to reduce manual tasks

Manage less and automate compliance with HSEtracker

  • Ensure all workers' safety compliance
  • Monitor certifications and requirements
  • Budget and plan for your upcoming training needs
  • Increase competitive advantage by demonstrating pre-qualification to your clients

Supervisors can save time in the field not monitoring non-compliant workers

  • Instantly verify worker compliance with a quick scan
  • Filter and view any information you need to plan and report.
  • Receive notifications to always be informed.

Workers can focus on their jobs without worrying about carrying and renewing certificates

  • Simply certify compliance with requirements
  • Display key information in your worker passport by scanning a QR code
  • Consolidate all paper-based tickets into one convenient online profile
  • Share personal emergency information instantly

Subcontractors finally have a platform to display compliance readiness

  • Increase probability to get hired for jobs by exposing your workforce to multiple clients already on the platform
  • Update your worker information with a click
  • Display proof of compliance
  • Have a 100% accurate visibility of compliance gaps and active certifications

Administrators can finally free up time restricted to manual compliance processes

  • Easily create roles and delegate responsibility
  • Assign tasks and view progress
  • Reduce mistakes and human errors while gaining more time

100% compliance at a fraction of your current time & money investment

Experience simplified worker's compliance using the HSEtracker compliance infrastructure