Take control of your HSE demands

We are dedicated to making things simple and safe for workers on-site. By using HSEtracker thousands of workers are able to to keep track of their training and competencies without having to carry around a wallet full of papers or wear a hard hat covered in stickers.

For those of you in administration who are trying to keep track of all your workers, we are proud to say that, according to your feedback, HSEtracker is continuing to deliver an excellent service that is incredible value for the money. 

We prove that our system saves money and increases efficiency by saving time and resources.

  • A fully online mobile system – anywhere, anytime

  • Let the system do the work for you

  • No more time spent on endless filing and searching

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Customizable Real-time Management Reporting

  • Pre expiry notices emailed direct – real time

  • Management awareness of employees/contractors safety status

  • Organized reporting ability


Take Control:

  • Reliable and transparent system

  • Fully Automated System

  • Wallet sized card carried by the team member

  • Site specific requirements are validated before work commences

  • Save on lost time and money as a result of non-compliance

  • Immediate access to emergency contact info

  • SSL encrypted data hosted in Canada

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